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How to Get Started as a New Beijing Expat

Going to Beijing as an expat is exciting but also a bit daunting.

The Newcomer to Beijing Guide will help you get startedNewcomer to Beijing Expat Guide, How to get started as a new Beijing expat

This Newcomer to Beijing guide will walk you through every step of the new expat experience. It explains cultural as well as practical considerations for starting your new expat life in Beijing.

The expat guide aims to prepare you mentally for living in China, to explore how you can create an expat lifestyle in Beijing that best suits you, and to help you hit the ground running.

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Newcomer to Beijing – How to Get Started as a New Beijing Expat

 Newcomer to Beijing Expat Guide kindle ebook

This expat guide is based on first-hand experience

When I first moved to Beijing in late 2011, I had to figure everything out the hard way, without the help of a relocation expert or expat friends. The learning curve was very steep, even for someone who had lived in different countries before. To help other newcomers to Beijing, and China in general, I launched the Beijing Expat Guide website, where I shared my own learnings and insights I gained from other Beijing expats.

The Beijing Expat Guide has been recommended by the largest global expat network InterNations and by City Weekend Beijing, China’s leading English-language lifestyle and entertainment magazine and blog.

Cultural and practical insights for new Beijing expats

This book explains the cultural differences between China and the West and how they affect daily life, so you have a better sense of what to expect. It also gives you points to consider when making important start-up decisions, like where to live. And it walks you through the practical aspects of daily life to help you overcome the language and culture barrier, including Chinese questions and phrases you will encounter in situations like the supermarket or taxi.

You will learn

  • How to minimize your culture shock when moving to Beijing and China in general
  • What decisions you can make to create the best Beijing expat experience for you
  • How to get up and running quickly as a new expat in Beijing

Don’t wait until the suitcases are packed to get prepared for what comes next. Understanding what to expect is key to deciding if going to China as an expat is even right for you. Knowing about expat life in Beijing can help you negotiate the right package, protect your relationship, even decide if you should take Fido.

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Newcomer to Beijing – How to Get Started as a New Beijing Expat

 Newcomer to Beijing Expat Guide kindle ebook

More about the book

  • 150 pages filled with information and practical tips (no of pages given for PDF format; Kindle depends on font settings)
  • 2nd Edition May 2016, updated and expanded with more topics and more useful Chinese phrases
  • File size 1.13 MB (PDF download), 600 KB (Kindle)
  • Available as PDF file on Gumroad, a premier international online store for digital products
  • Now also available on Amazon Kindle (Please note that some Kindle devices and Kindle font settings don’t display Chinese characters properly. Changing fonts or downloading a Chinese dictionary to Kindle can fix the display problem.)

Buy the eBook Now!
Newcomer to Beijing – How to Get Started as a New Beijing Expat

 Newcomer to Beijing Expat Guide kindle ebook


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    • I’m not sure if you are referring to a specific coffee group. I think Beijing has a coffee group, which you can join after joining (it’s free). INN Beijing also has coffee groups. Please check out their website.
      All links are on my Resources page.

  1. I just tried to buy this book, I’m from Canada and the form asks for a zip code. I do not have a zip code, Canada has postal codes. I would still like to purchase this book, I just hope it is not as US centric as this payment system ;p.

    • Hi Kasandra, I’m sorry you ran into an issue. The code that is required for payment is not a zip code, but it is the CV code of your credit card. That is a 3 or 4 digit number on the front or back of the card, depending on the type of card. Alternatively, you can use PayPal. And no worries, the book is not US centric 😉

  2. Hi Gina,

    When did you write the book, and would it be possible to pay for it via PayPal?

    Thanks and regards, Sarah

    • I wrote the guide last year, 2014, and should probably do a quick update for the latest changes like the recent subway rate hike. Unfortunately, Gumroad, where I currently sell the expat guide through, does not accept PayPal. I’m considering making the book also available on Amazon, like I did with the Managing in China guide.

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