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Managing in China

The Truth about Cultural Differences in the
Chinese WorkplaceManaging in China Expat Guide, The truth about cultural differences in the Chinese workplace

This Expat Guide to Managing in China is about the people element in a Chinese workplace, from the perspective of Westerners.

Real life examples and practical tips help Western professionals to survive and thrive in a Chinese work environment with Chinese employees, colleagues, supervisors, partners, and infrastructure.

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You will learn

  • What to expect when working with Chinese
  • Which management techniques work & which ones don’t
  • When and how to adapt your Western style to be successful in China

More about the eBook

2 Choices: pdf file or Kindle edition

  • pdf file: 64 pages filled with practical information, 1.1 MB; available from Gumroad, a premier international online store for digital products
  • Kindle edition available from Amazon

Buy from Gumroad  Managing in China kindle ebook

About Gina & Tony, the Authors

We have been living in Beijing for about three years and gained firsthand experiences working in and with predominantly Chinese companies. In addition, we had many discussions with fellow expats about their work experiences in China.

Gina is the creator of this Beijing Expat Guide website, which is designed to help newcomers to Beijing and soon-to-be Beijing expats ease their transition to China.


Managing China — 6 Comments

    • Hi Eric, thanks for your interest in the book. Just click the link “Buy from Gumroad” next to the Amazon button. It will open a secure online platform, where you can buy the book as PDF file.

  1. I was in tears last night after yet the latest mystifying and frustrating email from my CEO, and told my husband to be prepared because I didn’t see myself with my company much longer. Found and read your book when I couldn’t sleep and immediately felt 100% better. It was illuminating to see my experiences written in your words. The concepts you cover are spot on and the strategies you suggest make a world of sense. Woke up this morning with the realization that I can either continue struggling with anxiety about this job or embrace “good enough” and go with the flow. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. They were really meaningful for me.

    • I’m so glad my book is helping you to better cope with the very different work culture in China. I know how frustrating it can feel at times. Best of luck!

  2. I have bought your book while I started my new job in China, in a corporation, and I’ve witnessed every single thing you’ve mentioned, and had some AHA moments too. Great book.

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