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Beijing Shopping Guide

Where Travelers & Expats ShopBeijing Shopping Guide - Where Travelers and Expats Shop

This book is the ultimate guide to shopping in Beijing with the latest information, based on experiences and insights from foreigners living in Beijing.

You will find in-depth and at times off the beaten path shopping information, not the list of typical tourist shopping traps you find in most guidebooks.

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Where to shop in Beijing

This Shopping Guide tells you where to find everything in Beijing, from souvenirs to everyday items, Chinese specialties to imported goodies.

  • Need a gift or souvenir for someone back home?
  • In the mood for buying sneakers or a hand bag?
  • Looking for Brussels sprouts or lemon grass?
  • Craving a bagel or a rye bread?
  • Can’t find your allergy pills or need an urgent medication refill?

This Beijing Shopping Guide covers everything

  • From the mundane to the exotic, Western to Chinese, everyday items to souvenirs
  • Over 20 different markets, 13 shopping streets and many of Beijing’s countless shopping malls and special stores
  • Addresses in English and Chinese, and how to get there by subway
  • General shopping tips, bargaining, spotting counterfeits, and more
  • Useful phrases and Chinese characters for shopping

This is an insider shopping guide, not a collection of store promotions

Who better to write a Beijing shopping guide for foreigners than an expat? A guide based on daily live experiences, not a brief visit from a guide book writer or through the lens of a local tour operator.

This insider shopping guide is solely based on my own perspective and input from expat friends, not on sponsorships from stores or tour companies.

More about the eBook

The book published first on September 30, 2016 on Gumroad and is now also available on Amazon.

  • Kindle edition available on Amazon
  • PDF file (150 pages, 1.26 MB) available on Gumroad, a premier international online store for digital products

Beijing Shopping Guide kindle ebook Order on Gumroad



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