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I launched a new series of practical guides for expats, where I share valuable information and insights for living and working in China. These Expat Guides are based on our own first-hand experiences, and those of fellow expats, from our life in Beijing.

I’m about to finish my latest book, a shopping guide for Beijing. Scroll down to read more.

Newcomer to Beijing

How to Get Started as a New Beijing Expat Newcomer to Beijing Expat Guide, How to get started as a new Beijing expat

This Expat Guide for Newcomers to Beijing is about cultural and practical considerations for starting your new expat life in Beijing. Its goal is to prepare you mentally for living in China, to explore how you can create an expat lifestyle that best suits you, and to help you hit the ground running.

The Guide is a compilation of the most popular posts from the Beijing Expat Guide website – edited and presented in a format that follows your steps from planning your move to a new culture to settling into your new life in Beijing… Read more


Managing in China

The Truth about Cultural Differences
in theManaging in China Expat Guide, The truth about cultural differences in the Chinese workplace Chinese Workplace

This Expat Guide to Managing in China is about the people element in a Chinese workplace, from the perspective of Westerners.

Real life examples and practical tips help foreign professionals to survive and thrive in a Chinese work environment with Chinese employees, colleagues, supervisors, partners, and infrastructure…Read more


Beijing Shopping Guide

Where Travelers & Expats Shop Beijing Shopping Guide traveler expat markets

Beijing can be an overwhelming place for a newcomer. The language can make it difficult to navigate and to find the things you are looking for.

But sticking to the main tourist and expat areas for shopping means missing out on so many great shopping experiences.

This Shopping Guide tells you where to find everything, from souvenirs to everyday items, Chinese specialties to imported goodies. The book also gives a handy reference to over 20 different markets, 13 shopping streets and many of Beijing’s countless shopping malls and special stores…Read more


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  1. we have some expats in Beijing and the question is if you know a 24 hrs. call service in english where my people can call in case of any kind of emergency, the big issue is that in China few people speak english and its a big issue when some problem arise.

    • The local ambulance number is 120 but it is Chinese only, or 999, the Beijing Red Cross which supposedly has an English speaking service. (I find conflicting info about this.)
      So in case of a medical emergency as foreigner, it could better to call the big International clinics directly. They have 24hr hotlines with English speaking staff. The Beijing United Family Hospital emergency hotline is (010) 5927 7120. If you are a member of International SOS, you can call their hotline 6462-9100. OASIS International Hospital emergency hotline is 5985-0333. Please keep in mind that those numbers are for emergencies only!
      The hotline operators can call an ambulance for you and stay with you on the line to help with necessary translations for the emergency responders.
      If the injury is not critical it may be faster to take a taxi to the hospital rather than wait for an ambulance to come. But make sure first that it is safe to move the person. Hope this helps.

    • I just updated the Newcomer guide again, just minor updates to some numbers and to reflect the closing of the old Yashow market. The last update was in February 2015. The guide is current with regards to transportation costs, cost of living, holidays, etc.

      • I just released a 2nd edition of the Newcomer Guide. It has an improved flow, updated and extended information and additional useful Chinese phrases for everyday life. It will also be on Amazon in a few days.

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