Why You Need a VPN in China

Get on the internet in China using a VPN

Do you want to stay connected with your friends and family on social networks while you are in China? Maybe you’re interested to start a blog in China about your adventures. Or perhaps you want to keep enjoying your favorite websites and watch your favorite TV shows while in China? … read more

What to Expect When Moving to China

Moving to China

Moving to China is a huge change for almost everyone. It certainly was for me. And I had traveled to China and many Asian countries and moved across continents before moving to Beijing. How happy you will be living in Beijing, and in China in general, will depend a lot … read more

Is Beijing Safe?

Is Beijing safe?

When moving to a huge metropolis at the other end of the world, the question of safety certainly comes up. Let’s look at 5 different areas to see how safe Beijing is. Violent crime is relatively low Beijing is probably one of the safer capital cities in the world with … read more