Current VPN issues in China

Best vpn China

Lately, accessing the internet in China through VPN has been increasingly frustrating. VPNs don’t connect at all or drop after a short time. In addition, WhatsApp seems to be blocked now and is not accessible without VPN. Starting this month, the government has been trying to shut down international VPNs. … read more

7 Ways to Get Around in Beijing

Beijing Transportation

There are many different ways to get around in Beijing, most are easy to use and inexpensive. This post gives you an overview over Beijing transportation. For more specifics follow the links within. Public Transportation: Beijing Subway and Bus Car ownership is still in its infancy in China. I know, … read more

Clothes Shopping in Beijing

Buying clothes

Wherever you live, buying clothes will eventually be on your agenda, either for fun or as a necessity. You have many options for clothes shopping as a Westerner in Beijing, from foreign brands to domestic labels and specialty clothes. Learn also what you need to know about sizes, sales and … read more

"Welcome to Beijing Taxi"

Beijing taxi

This automated message often greets you when getting into a Beijing taxi. It was part of the 2008 Olympics preparation. Don’t expect any more English than that though. This post first published in 2013, updated August 2016 Qu nar? – Where are you going? To communicate with the driver, you … read more